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 General Service Medal

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General Service Medal General_Service_Medal-1

Next (higher) Medal: Infantry or Navy Cross
Next (lower) Medal: Purple Heart or Distinguished Service Medal

The General Service Medal (GSM) was first introduced in in the British Empire 1918 as an Army and RAF equivalent to the Naval General Service Medal (NGSM). This medal is awarded by the 101st Airborne Division as a specific campaign and individual combat medal, and may designate any active combat service (often in a small and limited engagement) undertaken for the purpose of combating terrorists or minor enemy incursions.

Usually, clasps are added to the medal to denote the campaign. Clasps issued with the medal include any campaign in which the 101st Airborne is engaged regardless of Easy or Fox Company, and is specified as "GSM-Easy_EITC" or "GSM-Fox_BigMoney" with the third listing designating the enemy combatant or alliance.

The GSM is awarded by the General (military) Staff of the 101st Airborne Division.

Larger conflicts usually demand the awarding of the Bronze or Silver Star, or the Medal of Honor.


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General Service Medal
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