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 Purple Heart

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Purple Heart Purple_Heart

Next (higher) medal: none, or the Distinguished Service Medal
Next (lower) medal: none

The Purple Heart is awarded to any member of the 101st Airborne Division who loses 10% or more of his or her total combat force in a defensive or offensive action, in declared war or nominal peace. Verified combat reports are required for the reception of the medal. When awarded for a loss of troops, the Purple Heart is denoted by "PH".

The Purple Heart may also be rewarded to any member of the 101st who donates 4900 or less of war materiel to members engaged in active combat against enemy combatants. Larger amounts merit the Distinguished Service Medal. When awarded for the donation of materiel for war bounties or military supply, an attached "s" for "service" is given: "PHs".

Due to the nature of this medal, there is no lower medal awarded. Both Purple Hearts are awarded by Senior Leadership or their Aides.


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Purple Heart
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